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Capital Solicitors prides itself in delivering world class service with extensive rate of success to its private and corporate clients in their immigration matters. Our firm and its senior solicitors have over 15 years of legal experience in immigration law which is constantly changing and is contentious and complex. Our solicitors speak a variety of languages and are aware of the foreign cultures and customs.

It is easy to assume that immigration, nationality and asylum applications are straightforward to submit and will be approved in majority of cases. But it is not always so. Many thousands of applications are dismissed because of mistakes or because of incomplete set of documents supplied.

Do not lose hundreds of pounds in non-refundable fees. Do not lose your valuable time. Do not lose your chance to change your life. Entrust your application to experienced immigration lawyers here at Capital Solicitors.

Capital Solicitors are here to help you with various immigration and nationality applications and appeals. We have a variety of packages available and we are sure that one of them will fit your budget.

The rules surrounding business migration and employing foreign workers are strict. There are heavy financial losses possible if businesses knowingly or unknowingly fail to comply with immigration laws.

It is in interest of many businesses to employ workers from territories that are outside UK or even EU. It is always imperative to make sure your business is employing workers legally.

Not only can we help you to get a sponsorship license and apply for visas for your prospective employees, we also can provide more general advice. We will help you to deal with Home Office compliance visits, advise on sponsor duties, provide updates and training sessions on immigration and compliance.

Our services are always created with the client in mind; therefore, we can assist you in a flexible manner. Email and telephone consultations are available, as are face to face consultations, practical assistance and representation before judicial bodies.

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