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We are a dedicated and professional law firm based in London, specialising in providing straightforward advice to Individuals and businesses on Immigration, Conveyancing and Litigation and other Matters.


Many law firms talk about excellence but Capital Solicitors LLP delivers.

We build relationships with clients based on sincerity, trust, openness, and a dedication to maintain the highest levels of client service and confidence.

We are a young and dynamic law firm specialising in Immigration, Conveyancing and Litigation Matters. We also have a particular strength commercial litigation and charity proceedings and provide private law service to private individuals or to business clients.

In addition to the comprehensive services that we provide in the UK, we can, if required, provide a coordinated services to our clients of foreign destinations, utilizing our network of reliable global contacts.

Our aim is to deliver practical legal advice in a cost-effective, effecient and responsive manner.

We dedicate ourselves in finding realistic, pragmatic solutions to our clients’ legal problems. We believe in offering a truly professional service which nevertheless remains friendly and tailored to each client’s individual needs.

Our Solicitors speak a variety of languages and are well acquaintance with foreign culture and customs. We pride ourselves on our hard work, experience, achievements, honesty and sincerity towards our clients.

Our team of solicitors speak English, Bengali. Hindi, Urdu and Arabic language.